Saturday, December 16, 2006


FINALY!!!!....THANK GOD....APPA DA... these are the sort of words you hear nowadays cos the much dreded semesters are people go ahead with your christmas plans,freak out plans or whatever....but not me!!!! cos this idiot spent two months locked up in a hospital room during the semesters and also missed one month of college too..... Ofcourse it felt good at that time (apart from the regular 106 degree fevers) to be pampared at home...watchin everyone slog through examz.... but now its not funny anymore cos i gotta write 6 examz at a stretch...WTF..???!!!! why on earth do we examz.....?? Couldn't it be multiple choice or something>?>?? like example
Q 1) Who discovered America..??

A a) Christopher Columbus
b) Mickey Mouse
c) Michael Jackson
d) George Bush Jr

Oh..yeah..then life would be much simpler..!!!

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