Sunday, September 16, 2007

College Sucks!!!

Whats a difference between my college and a vacuum cleaner..???? its a no brain-er.... You gotta plug in a vacuum cleaner first before it could suck,...haha... so true.....these a!@%^)%s would rather spend their time on harrassing students than on improving the campus facilities.... i'm a tailender in studies and they want me to get my parents... i see no point..... they cant come all the way from bangalore just to hear words like "please make sure that your son is studying well" wtf???!!! just for that??? bullsh*t!!! and they cant even call up the college because they're required to come... what crap!!!

1 comment:

Vyaas said...

What do they expect to do...get them to ground you???
Jeesh...whatever happened to that word "adult"??