Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Up Yours....

New song...
I know the title sounds damn corny...


I live life on my on my own terms,
i ain't the one to fall in line.
I ain't a coward but,
i ain't the one who leads...

I'm not here to change the world,
I'm not the change that i wanna see.
In fact i dont wanna change the world,
just leave it to rot the way it is...

I'm so bored of the cliches,
i'm not the one ur mom warned u abt,
nor i'm the one who's gonna rock ur world.
This world is so full of posers,
It leaves me with disgust.

I go to college to work my ass off..
Only to get two letters attached to my name,
namely B.E,,,
But wait I got two letters for you too...
namely...F O..!!!

Didn't get,,?? Don't bang ur head..
Ur Bound To get it sooner or later,,
After all the world is full of you LOSERS!!


(catchy isn't it??
© Prateek Kole.
Plagerists will get their ass whopped.
You've been warned,,,)

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