Friday, July 4, 2008

Effects of Alcohol

This is a article to show the effects of alcohol on man.

Our test subject is Vasanth. A wannabe "hepp dude" from my class.(read the class in college).
He has kindly agreed to test the power of alcohol.

Here's the first pic. After only one peg (large ) of vodka.

As you can see, the subject is feeling a funny sensation and wondering what it might be.

Next Pic shows the state after the second peg.

The subject feels like dancing (or more like rolling in this case).Studies have shown that people tend to embarrass themselves by attempting to do things which they would otherwise couldn't/wouldn't do. Like dancing,singing, acting really stupid etc.. you get the dirft...

Sadly there's just one last stage from this study since we ran out of booze.
This next picture is after the third peg of vodka.

After the third peg, our subject discovers that he likes to talk gibberish non-stop and repeating it no matter how boring it gets.He also discovers that he likes to swing his head sideways or for that matter any kind of movement is welcome.This is only the starting step to achieve highness. Thus this concludes our study and we shall continue sometime later with "Advance Effects of Alcohol"


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