Thursday, February 12, 2009

Headbanging For Dummies....

people headbanging to opeth at iitm saarang 2009

Recently I was at a concert where the Swedish Heavy Metal / Progressive Metal band, Opeth played at IIT-M's Saarang 2009. The concert was nothing short of spectacular. Opeth had played over two hours of unadultrated Heavy Metal..

What was disturbing, was the crowd of idiots who were present. They had no idea about which song or what kind of music was being played. Never in my life,  have I seen people whistling, clapping or running around imitating a train when a guitar solo is being played. Such an act insults the great institution that is Heavy Metal...

For the benefit of the people (idiots) present there, I give you.....


#1. Stretch your neck well before you start to headbang. This is of supreme importance. If you do not warm up, you can find yourself in traction quite quickly. Start by performing gentle head rolls. This means you roll your head slowly from side to side. Then grab the top of your head with one of your hands and pull gently in the opposite direction. Repeat toward the other side. Make sure you feel good and loose.

Nod your head gently as the music starts to play. There is plenty of time to headbang. Start slowly to make sure you are truly warmed-up.

Increase the motion of your headbanging. As the music quickens, nod your head with greater range back and forth. Harder and faster is the key here.

#4. Swing your head all the way down to your waist and then back up again. Continue this in a circular motion to really rock out to your favorite music or band.

#5. Don't run like a jackass. Listen to the music instead of running around or clapping.

Cheers.. \m/\m/


Anonymous said...

good one koko...cheers!!!

Vini Lilian said...

hey while searching for something else I stumbled on to this! sure is annoying when people do all the weird stuff during a metal gig!! loved your post!!!
another headbanger\m/