Friday, November 24, 2006

Dude..!!! How come you don't have a GF????

The Most Irritating question i get asked...
y cant a guy peacefully live peacefully without having a gf or without people askin u y u dont have one... y cant u all just mind your own business!!! " come u dont have a......???" why god why..why me...??? y not anyone else...????

for u all out's my answer once and for all...

1) NO time for one

2) NOT that desparate to get one..

3)NO one wants to go out with me..!!!

i hope this clears up everything..!!! and NO..!!! I'M NOT GAY!!!!

now stop askin me...

and also those people... "macha..!! get me a intro da..."..."dei...get me a girl da.."

get a life!!!!

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