Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The lurvely song..

i was high on a screwdriver and came up with this song... its a lovey-dovey song...

I'm sitting here with my screaming guitar,
trying to write a song,
but no words come out,.. and i'm sitting here blank..
oh what should i do..? oh what to do..??
should i turn to you??
should i run to you??

sitting here with my guitar thinking about you
then i realize how much i miss you
i really miss you..
you're like a part of me..

Playin the same tune again and again
thinking of a song
no words come out
and i'm thinking about you.
and i really miss you..
i really do..

and then i'm thinkin
what to say to you?
and i wanna tell you..
stand by me...stand by me..
so stand by me babe..
oh yeah,,, stand by me.


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