Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is more of a personal blog...


I'm a pretty angry guy.
I'm angry at a lot of things.

I'm angry that i'm fat.
I'm angry that i'm going bald.
I'm angry cos i don't room of my own.
I'm angry cos i'm studying comp sci which i hate.
I'm angry cos my college is stupid.
I'm angry cos i have arrears.
I'm angry that i got malaria.
I'm angry that i've wasted the last 3 years of my life.

There you go. I'm a pretty angry guy. Too much of frustration built up inside of me and i don't
know whom to direct it on. It's not my fault that i joined this stupid college of mine. As far
as i know i did get called from two other colleges. I never wanted to study Comp Sci.Man i hate
the subject,there is friggin reason why i took Biology in school and the reason is not justified by
joining this stupid course in this stupid college. But the point is , is it still right to be
angry..?? Maybe its time to leave it all behind and have a fresh start.
Maybe that will do good for me. After all anger has never done anyone any good.
I'm in my final year now, sitting on top of a huge pile of arrears. God only knows
what is wrong with me........

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