Wednesday, June 18, 2008

North Vs South

North Vs South.

This has always been the question i've been involved with ever since it moved to Chennai 11 years ago. Whom do i side with.?? The north indians..?? read Marwadis,Gujjus,Pujabis and u you know the like....or the South Indians... (the whole of the part of the penensula).

The problem.. North Indians are are just too irritating with their Hindi and their defiant attitude.. The South Indians... They're just too boring or backward or just too conservative. Staying in Chennai for around half my life I've taken a liking towards this city and its inhabitants. But that was school, a protected environment where people from different culture are encouraged to c0-exist. Now i'm in college and no one else for company other than the "enna machi" crowd. It has never occured to me look beyond Chennai or Bangalore,for this is what my world had reduced to. I've been defending this city from people who complain about it all day..all night... but i have seen the light... Chennai being a metro city is still a goddamn village compared to the mertos. Delhi in particular is huge...friggin huge... and thats how it is. Being inhabited ith people who don't take shit is good for once, since it ensures that everything functions importantly.Maybe its high we stop segregating ourselves and take pride in our country and lead it all the way.....

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evan said...

The whole point is, what you want to be...and how do you look at things...I think one should make up his mind to live with this... as the conditions are more or less the same whether it is chennai or newyork or any other place..