Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Kerela Trip

The Kerela trip

This was the second event in the month of March which had taken place.
it turns out that the month of march was very much eventful and not to mention stressful.

I decided to go to Kerela along with my classmates (which suprised a lot of people including me ) partly
because i was not taking part in the Srm culturals and also i didn't feel like attending the Megadeth / Machinehead
show in Bangalore along with Manoj and Fatso (read Abhilash).
Me and the Sony Ericsson K550i

Well the trip wasn't all that bad considering that all the "cool" people opted out and the "enna machi " crowd came.
I had Vasanth (my protege) for company who insisted on showing off his brand new Nokia N73m and was trying put down
Sony Ericsson K550i (now lost). Trip started from namma Chennai Central with all of us assembling there. No comments there.

Train trip was nothing worth mentioning except that two girls from my class had their birthday celebrated on that night
and i got to have a loarge chunk of some delicious chocolate cake along with Minna.

Our hotel was in Kadavanthra and to our pleasant surprise it was a service apartment. Each apartment had around 3 rooms with three people per
room. My roommates were Vasanth and Augustine.

Day One was a trip around Ernakulam,Mattancherry,Fort Cochin,Cochin Port and Wellinton Island. Was basically a repeat of the
2001 trip of Cochin with Keith and co. except that i tried some local booze called tody or kal.
Later after the trip we went to the Chiria Beach, ,located at corner of Ernakulam (or wherever). Beach was really nice,
good view for a sunset and it was really fun until my class mates ecided that it would be fun to catch me and throw me into the sea. After being thrown into the sea i was forced to beg.. :-(

As you can imagine that resulted in wet t-shirt,wet pants and obiviously wet undies. had to endure that for next couple of hours till we reached
the hotel and straight into the bathroom to clean up before decnt booze session (decent cos the company was the Palani gang).
Me,Vasanth and Augustin

Day Two was a trip around Kuramakom which was essentiallt the backwaters of Kerela. One thing that really got me was the sheer size of the
backwaters and nothing less than impressive. Company was really sad as everyone was trying to show off the most impressive pose
not to mention some looked so stupid and GAY cos they were posing topless. Good thing the girls were away in a different boat and hence
did not have endure any of this crap. The day ended with us reaching the hotel for another booze session.
Posing infront a IT Park in the blazing sun.

Day Three started with us posing infront of IT parks to show some proff that we went for an industrial visit. This tour was called
Pre-Final Year Industrial Visit. How stupid people actually give a sh*t about this kind of crap. Later we proceeded to
Athirappilly falls . It was nice place with a waterfall which was really ferocious and some rocky terrain with a river,
something like Saringapatinam only the that chances of getting hurt was really high.
Athirappilly Falls

Later in the day batalling ferocious rain rains we reached Ernakulam and were guest to its marine drive and numerous shops.
Everybody bought banana chips!! how dumb.!! Anyways after that we headed to the railway station and caught out train back to Chennai.
All smiles. Vasanth,Gokul,Tamil and Bharat.

We had a couple of eunuch probels once we were near Chennai,damn those whores always asking for money. Anyways got one to
kiss Bharat only for 10 bucks!!! Hastala Vista Baby... VC and Me

thus the Kerela trip comes to an end.... The Whole Class (the boys part)

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