Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Symposium

This blog should have been dated 7/3/08

This month was one of the stressful month of my life. Infact i suppose it was most stressful month of my life. It all started with the department symposiums. ours was called the Jet Sonic (The Hedgehog) and you can guess who our mascot was. its a miracle that we didn't get sued by Sega (the company). I was the sponsor committee head, event co-oridinator for robotics and also the head behind the Gamedrome.
Well this was my job, to go around the city and convince corporates to sponsor our symposium. and this wasn't made easy by the fact that out college had a very good reputation (sarcasam) and also because of the way the whole thing was handled,we had parallel set of people going and approaching the same corporate and bugging the daylights out of them. (namely Higginbotoms). finally after lots of begging and string pulling we managed to collect around 1.2 Lakhs. Major companies included Everonn Software. Aldea Infosystems, RMKV,Subway,Kaya Skin Clinic,Naturals,Laser Software,Emannuel Water Farm (???) lol..Good collection for a computer department..., but the only f*** up was that most of the money was held back by our dear staff cos just in case the sponsors back back asking for a refund...(what a excuse..) they even took the gift vouchers we got from Naturals,Kaya Skin Clinic and Subway..!!!! I mean how lame can you get ??? This is worse than our levels!! Even we didn't stoop so low... we were happy with the Subway vouchers..

The College

Now on to the symposium..
The symposium was a grand success but not without hiccups. Day one saw over 600 participants compared to biotechs 30...haha.. Up yours man.!!!.., but as usual money raised through registration didn't match the expected numbers. No surprise there. Day one was smooth until the chairman a****** decided to show up and lock everyone in the new av room. Thanks to which our much hyped paper presentation or Papyrus Discorso went to the dogs. It was very sportive of the judge to still sit patiently through all the bullsh*t. Anyways this one act of stupidity got everyone pissed and everyone swore not to come back the second day. Well thats what happened but it was not too bad. Around 300 turned up the next day and everyone lived happily ever after,except for the guys who set up the X-Box stand ( and actually expected people to buy the 23k console) and cancelled their check. (stupid college should have encashed while they had the chance) . Thats it can't write anymore.. enough said about the symposium.

Someone's busy with CS at the GameDrome


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